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April 9, 2012 : Gitlin on Occupy Next Moves, Working Groups Take on Banking Sector

The sh*t hits the fans all over again in Minneapolis as Occupy protesters stormed back with a 130 pm Saturday rally in Hennepin Square, leading to 12 arrests and allegations of police brutality, including one complaint filed by a KSP-TV cameraman whose camera appears upended and tossed by cops (video above).

Occupy Philly staged its own attempted re-occupation over the weekend in Independence Plaza, doing so successfully, before being confronted by city park rangers who, naturally, insisted on seeing a permit.

April 6 2012 : Keeping With the Season, Occupy Faith and the IRS

You wonder if the “get a jobbers” (one of the most frequent slams used on Occupiers), who value getting to work on time, will fully appreciate Occupy Transit. As the era's mania for privatization and incessant cutbacks extends to transit systems across the United States, commuters and worker bees everywhere deal with fare hikes and service reductions.

Today Bob Simpson on Open Salon goes deeper on the issue, and how recent Occupy protests in Boston and elsewhere have led to a collaboration between the transport workers union (ATU) and Occupy.

April 5, 2012 : Occupy Transit, Ayers Kerfuffle, Eyes Turn to May 1

Former Weatherman uber-vandal and mass media-labeled “domestic terrorist,” Bill Ayers appears at an OWS rally and again ruffles blogosphere feathers with his comments.

The now retired academic and education theorist doesn't utter words without causing kerfuffle and yesterday was no exception as Ayers critiqued the US' “militarized society,” and told the crowd that he wished plane crews that frequently seat our nation's military ahead of other passengers, should “let the teachers and nurses get on first.”

April 4, 2012 : Occupy SF Raid Footage, Going Beyond Physical Presence

Lots of activity on the Left Coast as Occupy SF is again center stage. describes the eviction of some 80 occupiers from what they allege was a vacant building that they tried to take over in order to provide health and education services. The SF Archdiocese claims the building was not vacant and uses are being discussed. Mayor Ed Lee said he sympathized with the occupiers , but left the ultimate decision to the cops who acted on the archdiocese's request to evict. Riot police moved in and occupiers were testy, naturally. Full video narration of the raid on the building is on youtube (multiple sources).

March 30, 2012 : To Camp or Not to Camp, That is the Question

To camp or not to camp, that is the Occupiers know too well, it brings certain hazards :

UWS Digital News Digest presents the Occupy News Round-Up for March 30, 2012

Starting with a tour of the cities, we begin in the often overlooked middle and work our way out :

Occupy Des Moines is back at it, beginning with “Occubama,” staging a protest out side the Prez' campaign office . One of the Prez' campaign organizers for Iowa emerged from the office to listen to a statement listing the group's grievances with the Prez, and spoke with the Occupiers.