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Union Web Services (UWS) exists to promote and further the goals of the labor movement by providing 21st century technologies, techniques, and tactics, including online tools that allow unions to reach their members and other constituents in the most cost-effective and direct manner possible. We do this while offering our workers the benefits of union membership. We constantly seek to improve working conditions for our clients and their members. Ultimately, it is our goal that our tools and services will revitalize the labor movement in the US and beyond. All UWS workers are members of Communications Workers of America, Local 1180.

 Our Latest Work

March 15, 2012 : Raw Footage of Occupy Miami Raid


"Another Day in the Life of Occupy Protester:" OccupierLoki

Occupy Miami experienced a “militarized law enforcement” raid on their “safe house" at Overton after their plans to rally were busted up by riot police. Raw footage with commentary, above.

According to YouTube poster OccupierLoki :

March 14, 2012 : Occupy New Haven Stand Off, SXSW Draws Attention



Tensions and anticipation on both sides as today is the official deadline for Occupy New Haven who released a list of demands yesterday. Protesters have filed legal appeals and created a barricade around the camp. A call has gone out to other Occupy supporters via social media and “reinforcements” are said to be on the way. New Haven Independent

March 13, 2012 : Occupy Fights Foreclosures, Gore Urges Action at SouthXSouthwest

National : Occupy Atlanta protesters in Atlanta upped the ante by staging protests at several Chase Banks yesterday , leading to multiple arrests. Police allege paint was thrown and operations at the banks were disrupted, by placing locks on entrance doors and vehicles blocking the atm drive-thru. The civil disobedience was supposedly designed to get the bank to place a “moratorium on foreclosures.”

March 12, 2012 : Police Surveillance of OWS, ArcelorMittal Update

National :

Independence doesn't always pay : the Village Voice highlights an internal doc that says OWS will be “out of money in three weeks.” OWS' press team downplayed the report, saying they've “done a lot with a little” and funds “always go up and down.” No word if the funds situation will cause the group to look to Russell Simmons and Ben Cohen for their offer of financial support.

March 8, 2012 : Good, Honest Grassroots Organizing : Foreclosure Actions Rise

National :

As the weather warms, whither Occupy? ABCNews summarizes the movements recent and upcoming actions during what promises to be a busy “USA Spring.”

Good, honest, straight-forward grassroots organizing” : Occupy Homes has made the eviction of home-owner Monique White, who fell behind on her payments and was foreclosed upon by freddie mac and US Bank, a focal point. The group says she deserves a second chance, much like the bailed out banks. White was granted an extension until Friday. National Lawyers Guild offers help. Video available at