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Union Web Services (UWS) provides high quality web site design, database implementation, maintenance services and content development to the labor movement.

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Union Web Services (UWS) exists to promote and further the goals of the labor movement by providing 21st century technologies, techniques, and tactics, including online tools that allow unions to reach their members and other constituents in the most cost-effective and direct manner possible. We do this while offering our workers the benefits of union membership. We constantly seek to improve working conditions for our clients and their members. Ultimately, it is our goal that our tools and services will revitalize the labor movement in the US and beyond. All UWS workers are members of Communications Workers of America, Local 1180.

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January 16, 2012 : Nigeria Protesters Victorious, Marches Across the US on MLK Day

Occupy Update : January 12, 2012

Businessweek (Bloomberg) reports that Occupy Wall Street has weekend marches planned, as well as a candlelight vigil to honor the spirit and tradition of Martin Luther King Jr. says major events also scheduled on the left coast. The vigil at Riverside Church at 120th and Riverside will feature performances by Patti Smith and Stev Earle. Yoko Ono and Rap Mogul Russell Simmons plan to attend. No word yet if Ono will perform...

Occupy Update : January 11, 2012 : With the groups filing motions to remove barricades at Zucotti Park, Protestors moved back in, then allegedly dispersed by day break Atlanta Journal Constitution. Video from the Occupy Wall Street live stream documents the re-entrance into the park.

Occupy Update : January 10, 2012

Linda Federico-O'Murchu describes the next Occupy initiative. The "Call to Action" urges protestors to convene on the West Front Lawn at Capitol Hill on January 17th in an effort to bring the movement's message to the doorstep of Congressional lawmakers - Bloomfield Patch

Barricades surrounding a New York City park that was the epicenter of the Occupy Wall Street movement are a violation of city zoning law because they restrict public access to the space, civil rights groups said Monday –

Occupy Update January 9, 2012


Occupy Lancaster (England) is the latest encampment to be evicted by police, video here :


Occupy the Primary has set up camp in New Hampshire. Organizers say the 99% includes Republicans and should not be considered part of the Democractic Party.

Huffington Post As Occupy heads into 2012, participants in the leaderless movement are developing a range of new strategies and tactics to keep what they view as the injustices of the economic system in the spotlight.