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Occupy Update December 27, 2011

Mayor Jean Quan tells the San Francisco Chronicle she cannot guarantee keeping the Port of Oakland open if there is another shutdown attempt by Occupy Oakland. In related news, the protestors are planning an occupation of a still unnamed building on January 28th. UWS News has previously reported that moving indoors is looking more and more like the next step to the Occupy movement.

Occupy Update December 26, 2011

OWS marked Christmas by returning to Zuccotti Park for an event that included readings and potluck dinner. They also sent along a message of support to the protestors in Moscow who have been using the same leaderless, social media driven tactics as the Occupy movement and the Arab Spring.

Occupy Providence has a unique proposal: They are willing to vacate their encampment if the city sets up a day shelter for the homeless. UWS News has been reporting on how the Occupy protestors around the country have been working with and advocating for the homeless individuals who become a part of their camps.

Occupy Update December 23, 2011

Richard D. Wolff, in an Op-Ed for, argues that the public has lost control of public spaces (which has allowed the eviction of Occupy protestors) and has lost control of where they work (which has led to the current economic crisis).

David Cay Johnston lays out the case in an opinion piece for Reuters that corporations have already occupied Congress.

Occupy Update December 22, 2011

Occupy the Parade of Roses : Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore are expected to join other activists traveling to Pasadena.

Further North, The San Francisco Chronicle reports nearly half of Occupy Berkeley has left, after receiving a quit order last night.

Occupy Iowa Caucus now has a building in Des Moines to host activists and coordinate protests for the caucuses. Occupy protestors also disrupted a Newt Gingrich press event in Iowa. UWS News will continue to cover this developing story.

Occupy Update December 21, 2011

Most of the Occupy Camps are cleared (see below), and order is restored. Let's kick off today's digest with a story that Wall Street pay is likely to exceed last year's levels.

Occupy Denver was cleared by police on Monday night. During the raid the protestors set some camp structures on fire, and nine people were arrested. The city says they will not tolerate structures on public sidewalks. Last night a group from Occupy Denver heckled the mayor and disrupted an annual vigil to honor the homeless who had died on Denver's streets in the last year. Stay tuned to UWS News for any developments in this ongoing story.