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Union Web Services (UWS) exists to promote and further the goals of the labor movement by providing 21st century technologies, techniques, and tactics, including online tools that allow unions to reach their members and other constituents in the most cost-effective and direct manner possible. We do this while offering our workers the benefits of union membership. We constantly seek to improve working conditions for our clients and their members. Ultimately, it is our goal that our tools and services will revitalize the labor movement in the US and beyond. All UWS workers are members of Communications Workers of America, Local 1180.

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August 8 2012 : Occupy , Fat Man, Little Boy, and the F Bomb

The “Two Countries, One Voice” concept and protest is on full display this week outside of Saks Fifth Avenue, where demonstrators protest the ownership stake of the Mexican Telecom giant, one Carlos Slim. New yorker

Those wishing to stay on top of the protest directed at “the one percent of the one percent” are referred to the new cross-cultural group's facebook.

August 7, 2012 : Linda Ronstadt, Fuzzy Math, and Joe the Plumber

Ground-breaking news today as Mexico's Yo Soy 132 announces a cross-cultural alliance with OWS, The groups immediate focus is the notorious Carlos Slim, who they designate as representing the “one percent of the one percent” and whom Forbes recently named the world’s richest man. The alliance slams Slim for vaulting into the top spot on the backs of Mexico's poor, a notion seemingly confirmed by an OECD report that says Slim's Mexico telecom conglomerate overcharged customers $13.4 billion a year from 2005 to 2009, hurting the nation’s economy in the process.

It could be the first step in a true “internationalization” of Occupy. Cynics on Slim's side claim the global protesters dogging the bazillionaire in his gallivant across the planet are paid plants , earning $20-$30 to show up.

Aug 4-5 Weekend Edition : Chick Fil A, Strip Club Owner Backs Occupy, Olympic Update

File Under : No, seriously, what did you tell him? Some cops get a reprimand, maybe a suspension for abusing protesters. Others get a ticket out of town. Such is the case for Lt. John Pike, busted on youtube after first warning UC Davis students to get off a campus road, then letting them have it, sending several for medical treatment. Sticking to her story, at all times seemingly, is UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi, who defends herself, saying “I explicitly directed the chief of police that violence should be avoided at all costs.”

August 2, 2012 : Olympic Coverage Special : Whims of the One Percent Collide with the 99



photo : BENOIT TESSIER, REUTERS / August 1, 2012

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July 31, 2012 : Dear Kathy, What's Up With This?

Huffpost is a trusted source on all things Occupy. One of the few places that covers Occupy in a “fair and balanced” manner. Today though, the new establishment media trips up, running a piece by high school student Kathy Dong, under the headline “Why Occupy Wall Street Isn't Working,” Today, M-Bed responds and submits the daily update, all in one!


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