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Union Web Services (UWS) provides high quality web site design, database implementation, maintenance services and content development to the labor movement.

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Union Web Services (UWS) exists to promote and further the goals of the labor movement by providing 21st century technologies, techniques, and tactics, including online tools that allow unions to reach their members and other constituents in the most cost-effective and direct manner possible. We do this while offering our workers the benefits of union membership. We constantly seek to improve working conditions for our clients and their members. Ultimately, it is our goal that our tools and services will revitalize the labor movement in the US and beyond. All UWS workers are members of Communications Workers of America, Local 1180.

 Our Latest Work

June 13, 2012 : Russia Rally, Occupy SEC Urges Senate Committee on Dimon

When tens of thousands demonstrate against the system in the United States, it occasions media hand-wringing over the demise of a movement, and commentary over how the demonstrators have failed to achieve anything.

Not so when the same rally takes place in Russia.

Upwards of 50,000 clog the streets of Moscow to demand reforms from/to Putin's strongman government, undeterred by threats of enormous fines for participation, and in spite of having speakers brought before an “investigative board.”

June 12, 2012 : Oakland Roils, Does Occupy Need to Get Back?

What is Occupy and what is not? Tens of thousands of protesters gather in the middle of Moscow to protest Putin's iron-fisted rule and for a more democratic society. For activists, attending demonstrations carries risks – more than being pepper-sprayed. The Kremlin denounces rising radicalism and says $9,000 fines for any one attending rallies that “cause harm to people or property.” A stiff fine given the average Russian yearly salary amounts to less. Several leading activists called before an Investigative Committee on an alleged criminal case, an attempt to deprive the event of its headline speakers. NY Times

June 11, 2012 : Berrigan, Packard : Priests Belong with the 99%

June 8, 2012 : Continental Congress 2.0 is July 4th, Occupy Suit Advances

The legal machine grinds on : OWS protesters arrested in last year's vast Brooklyn Bridge rally may go forward with their claims against the NYPD but U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff dismisses Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commish Ray Kelly from the suit. OWS is claiming NYPD conducts “false arrests” on made-up charges to clear the street and spare the inconvenience. With the general of “his own private army” excused from the proceedings, the ruling creates the curious case of the 99% suing the 99%,. Washington Post

June 1, 2012 : Quebec Picks Up US Support; Introducing Occupy Rap Candidate

This Changes Everything : Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement consists of 84 pages and sixteen articles, said to be a largely self-congratulatory early history. The book is reviewed by recent VT Grad Avery Pittman at Pittman notes the book's lack of emphasis on international trade imbalances as a potential source for the current income disparities the movement addresses.

You know your movement or protest is making headway when the world's financial blogs take notice and chastise you for “not taking responsibility” being “leaderless,” and acting out “lawlessness.” Such is the panic the Quebec street protests provoke in blogger Larry Elkin, who gets worked up over the 100,000 who took to the streets May 22nd to celebrate their 100th day of protests.