Online Campaigns and Search Engine Marketing

What good is a Web site without visitors? We build sites that members come back to every day, and that are optimized for high traffic and search engine placement.

The marketing process begins with online research and a strategic assessment, followed by implementation of specific strategies for Web site redesign, search engine optimization, site linking, site partnerships, events, advertising, email campaigns, and member loyalty and retention.

Online Campaigns

Union Web Services staff members have backgrounds in community organizing campaigns, in the real world and online. We've been involved in the creation and marketing of some of the most popular labor Web sites to date. We can offer advice on the most effective way to bridge the gap between online campaigns and the real world, with email outreach, event management strategies, and creative corporate campaigns.

We'll help you build a compaign database that tracks member activities and participation. You'll be able to send online petitions, mass emails to members,  legislators and employers,  and drive public awareness of your issues.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

We can tune your site so that key words and key phrases entered into search engines are more likely to produce visitors to your site.

We can tell you where your visitors are coming from, and what key words they entered in search engines to find your site.

We can monitor your traffic and report on the progress you are making in increasing the number of visitors and getting your message out. 

We can promote your site to Web directories and to other labor sites.

We can analyze your site for: 

  • Broken links
  • Suggested targeted key phrases
  • Search engine positioning report on each of the suggested key phrases
  • Robots.txt file optimization
  • Unintentional search engine spam issues
  • Correct use of metatags
  • Necessary changes to the code structure to increase search engine visibility
  • Advice on the navigation system and internal linking