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February 3, 2012 : Occupy Evictions, Tensions Speed Up: What is Act 2?


(Warning : Loud Whistles, Some Language on Video)

February 1, 2012

Occupy Update : February 1, 2012 :


The dust hasn't settled yet on Occupy Oakland, either in terms of who did what at City Hall or the way forward. Claims and reactions to alleged Police Brutality have marred the mostly non-violent movement. Huffpost has analysis.

January 26, 2012 : Davos Continues, Prez Speech Contained Occupy Themes


Keeping on Davos, CNN asks if Occupy and Davos are Polar opposites or future partners? What would happen if Soros and billionaire buds grew concerned enough about income equality to put their money where their mouth is. CNN also has a nice piece that takes us inside the igloos and actually talks to some of the Occupy campers.

Commentators, political pooh-bahs, and pundits, whether they liked the State of the Union or not, all seem to agree : Occupy is behind the themes of income inequality the Prez seems to be staking his re-election on as he tries to "shore up his base." San Francisco Bay Guardain analyzes this phenomenon.

January 22, 2012 : Occupy West Footage, Protesters Expected at Davos


OWSW (Occupy Wall Street West) protesters on balance sound pleased with the results of Friday's Occupation of the Banks which included non-invitation visits to Wells Fargo and Bank of America. While some decreid protesters' tactics of chainging themselves to the banks' doors , occupiers say they are necessary to combat injustice meted out by nation's top financial institutions. picks up Eric Louie's account for the Pacific Media Workers (CWA Newspaper Guild.)

Occupy Update January 20, 2012


afternoon update :

Raw video of Occupy Courthouse demonstrators
Black Pastors Joining Occupy Movement
Occupy the Courts takes aim at Citizens United and Super Pacs


Call it Occupy Wall Street West or Occupy 2.0. The San Francisco Examiner reports that today's activities in San Francisco's financial district kick off a new phase for the movement. Those who wish to follow the days events can use the hashtag at #occupysf. Looks like occupysf will feature live video feeds, once they are up and out. Huffpost has extensive coverage and analysis of the Left Coast this morning.

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