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Occupy Update : January 10, 2012

Linda Federico-O'Murchu describes the next Occupy initiative. The "Call to Action" urges protestors to convene on the West Front Lawn at Capitol Hill on January 17th in an effort to bring the movement's message to the doorstep of Congressional lawmakers - Bloomfield Patch

Barricades surrounding a New York City park that was the epicenter of the Occupy Wall Street movement are a violation of city zoning law because they restrict public access to the space, civil rights groups said Monday –

Occupy Update January 9, 2012


Occupy Lancaster (England) is the latest encampment to be evicted by police, video here :


Occupy the Primary has set up camp in New Hampshire. Organizers say the 99% includes Republicans and should not be considered part of the Democractic Party.

Huffington Post As Occupy heads into 2012, participants in the leaderless movement are developing a range of new strategies and tactics to keep what they view as the injustices of the economic system in the spotlight.

Occupy Update : January 6, 2012

Contra Costa Times (Video): Occupy Oakland Protestors try to enter City hall to meet with Mayor Jean Quan, and are refused entrance by police. Protesters called for the release of the estimated 16 Occupy supporters still in jail from recent police confrontations as well as broader rights to assemble at Ogawa Plaza.

Occupy appears to be mobilizing in the New Year to assist homeowners threated by foreclosure, and gather at the home of a 79 year old retired school teacher. Members of Occupy LA and Occupy the Hood LA used the rally to call for more responsible banking More details from

Welcome 2012, What is Occupy Up to?


Occupy Update January 5, 2012

Arianna Huffington, in an opinion piece for the Chicago Tribune, writes that OWS “has changed the national conversation”.

In New Hampshire, Mitt Romney was asked by an Occupy member to explain his position that corporations are people.

Occupy Update December 30, 2011

Here are the latest developments in the Occupy Boston twitter subpoena case which UWS News has been closely monitoring. The Boston Globe reports that a Suffolk Superior Court judge has refused to quash the subpoena. According to Lisa DeCanio in, the subpoena is in many cases asking for the wrong twitter accounts (for example @OccupyBoston instead of @Occupy_Boston).

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