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George Romney built things. George Romney served his community. Governor, you're no George Romney.

In Presidential elections, every candidate has their defining moment.

Campaign 2012 carries echoes of 1988 - and 1968.

First 1988. Before there was Sarah Palin, there was Dan Quayle.

An epic moment of political theater, in an election fast on the way to taking its place among the annals of great Dem defeats. The last election prior to the party's co-opting by its neoliberal center – though many already considered Lloyd Bentsen of Texas to be the party's grand concession in that direction. A Hail Mary heave by the flagging Dukakis campaign to pry Texas' 38 electoral votes away from George H.W. Bush.

September 17, 2012 : Occupy Celebrates, Cites Both Parties for Driving Under the Influence

Occupiers from around the nation return to the scene of the crime – dissent - flocking back to Zuccotti for the first anniversary of Occupy, aka S17. Demonstrators briefly take the Park back, with hundreds streaming in prior to the day's beginning dailykos

September 13, 2012 : Chris Hedges Big Day, Jay Z Rap Draws Fire

Watch live streaming video from mobilebroadcastnews at

In a case with wide-ranging implications, Twitter has until Friday to turn over the tweets of protester Malcolm Harris. Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Matthew Sciarrino rules the company must do so or else face fines, based on a review of its last two earnings statements. Huffpost

September 11, 2012 : Of Anniversaries, Elections, and Extraditions

Conventions, campaigns, and elections. The flat, lifeless world of post-millennial politics. Occupy is supposed to demonstrate the opposite : how the previously dead world of detached sound bites and scripted speeches is transformed by direct citizen participation. The two contrasting approaches become more distinct as the 2012 campaign enters its final heat, creating a national buzz of discussion.

RNC and DNC are done, their impassioned but security-muted protests now a memory. Occupy wants to make a statement, of sorts, in NYC with a week of actions beginning September 15th and leading up to the one year anniversary on September 17th. Crowds are expected but no one can venture a guess as to how many, what kind, or how loud they'll be. Occupiers say the whole system is broken. To what extent they back the Prez is an open question.

September 6, 2012 : Media Meltdown!

File Under : No Sh-t... is that lower than the Kardashians? Visions of protesters upstaging the convention, cops and guardsmen clubbing and kettling joined-together occupiers mobbing the streets of Charlotte - all fail to materialize. DNC and RNC stage nearly identical spectacles  : entirely locked-down affairs, leaving citizens intent on forcing their issues left on the surrounding sidewalks, in the rain. Or hemmed in to now ubiquitous protester pens.

The prospect of facing, much less challenging, the military-police show of force, is daunting to all but the most hardy activists, such as Code Pink's Medea Benjamin, present in Charlotte as in Tampa. Huffpost

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