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August 17, 2012 : Occupy Tampa, S17, Garzon Takes Assange Case

Ongoing and unnecessary tensions continue between Occupy LA and the cops. A man alleged to be affiliated with the group gets into it with a private security guard – and ends up going Mike Tyson on him. Not with a left hook or upper cut, but, yes, biting his ear (video above). The incident is said to have taken place in the downtown's Pershing Square, where Occupy LA shifted operations after being evicted from City Hall. The new location has previously been cited as an area of concern over public drinking and narcotics use, LA Times

August 16, 2012 : Occupy Diversify, Assange Asylum Case Heats Up

The twitter and blogosphere explode as UK authorities approach and enter the Ecuadorean embassy to begin the extradition of Julian Assange. The wiki leaks founder has been living inside and under the Embassy's protection since June 19, and is wanted for questioning regarding a Swedish criminal allegation of sexual misconduct. Assange claims he is being politically persecuted and requested asylum after his appeal to Britain’s highest court to refuse the extradition was denied.

Today, Ecuador Foreign Affairs Minister Ricardo Patinon announces the decision to grant the globe-trotting Assange asylum. Which he says was reached after consulting with the UK, US, and Sweden in an attempt to procure guarantees for Assange's safety, ultimately not provided. Reuters

August 10, 2012 : ArtWalk Tempers Cool, Occupy Memphis Achievements

Renewed media attention pays dividends. On the heels of Federica Lorca's letter to LA's “Mayor Tony” it looks like City Hall (for once) gets the message and ArtWalk goes off without hitches, in spite of the heavy cop presence, as “chalking” is allowed this time.

Occupy Oakland attends, via chartered bus. prompting security concerns, but appropriate outreach is done with the community ahead of time and ensures a peaceful night. Head of LA Public Works Board Andrea Alarcon mingles with Occupy, and an alternative protest location for the group is discussed.

August 9, 2012 : Mayor Tony Gets a Letter, NYPD Unveils DAS

Drivers heading toward Vegas this morning are shaken by two freaky billboards that may end up being attributed to Occupy Las Vegas. Police are called and quickly remove the boards, and their macabre attachments, which they say prompt a flood of 911 calls. Details at huffpost

Meanwhile, the so-called conservative blogosphere gets all over the Prez, pushing reports that feature declassified emails from the DHS to GSA Public Buildings Service Commissioner Robert Peck that indicate the White House approved the GSA using its “own approach” on protesters who were occupying near a GSA building in Portland's Terry Shrunk Plaza. It makes a great headline but a review of the emails shows they're, to quote a bard, much ado about nothing

August 8 2012 : Occupy , Fat Man, Little Boy, and the F Bomb

The “Two Countries, One Voice” concept and protest is on full display this week outside of Saks Fifth Avenue, where demonstrators protest the ownership stake of the Mexican Telecom giant, one Carlos Slim. New yorker

Those wishing to stay on top of the protest directed at “the one percent of the one percent” are referred to the new cross-cultural group's facebook.

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