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July 26, 2012 : Law School Report Gains Traction, Sandy Weill Now Sides With Occupy

The report from the law clinics at Fordham, NYU, Stamford, and Harvard may now safely qualify as a blockbuster. It's less than breaking news that cops treated protesters brutally and initimidated/harassed lawyers, journalists, and other concerned citizens reporting their misdeeds. What's news is the extensive documentation provided and recommendations made. Multiple mainstream outlets pick up on the accusations of “serious human rights violations” made by the report, including.

Most damning of all are the statements of “un-accountability” and 'near impunity” of the police force that point the finger squarely on high, at none other than Bloomy himself, who has had ample time to set up his private army to his liking. It will be interesting to see where the first calls for his resignation come from. We'd do it here but we're a little short of space today.

July 25, 2012 : NYPD Slammed by Law Schools, Questions to Ponder..

Numerous security restrictions were in place to guarantee the Prez a smooth ride up to the Fox Theater but he is still met by a few Occupy Oakland and hundreds of cannabis research protesters who turn out to voice discontent at his policies in Afghanistan and domestically. 3 are arrested.

Matthai Kuruvila and Demian Bulwa use the occasion of the Prez' visit to get into the streets and inquire about the limited Occupy Oakland presence. Some Oakland Occupiers note fragmentation is inevitable in light of the beat back faced by Occupies nation-wide, as police and municipalities moved to stomp out the public presence.

July 24, 2012 : Brand America Violence and the Occupy Response

As Aurora (and America) begin the agonizing, slow process of recovery from the weekend's mass trauma inflicted on the community, at least one Occupy takes official action, as Occupy OC (Orange County) says it will not protest Mitt Romney's third fundraising trip there. On previous occasions, Mitt has cleaned up, and this trip should be no exception, with guests offering up to $50,000 per couple, not unlike the Prez' take at similar affairs.

July 23, 2012 : In Memoriam : Alexander Cockburn, Aurora Victims

RIP, Alexander Cockburn : We don't normally dawdle or get sentimental but today this space acknowledges its debt to one of its literary “founding fathers” who passed over the weekend - without the world knowing he was sick, working right up to the end. UWS Digital News mourns the passing of long-time “Beat the Devil” journalist/literary provocateur and former Village Voice/Nation/and lately of Counter Punch writer Alexander Cockburn and directs readers to the numerous appreciations available online beginning with NY Times.

July 23, 2012 : In Memoriam : Alexander Cockburn

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