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July 20-21 : NYPD Scores Big Win Over Rev Guard, Are Occupations the New Haight?

To prosecute cases vs. occupiers, DA's need evidence, and there's a trove of it on America's burgeoning social networks. They're the essential pathways that convey information and logistics. Recent decisions have affirmed the court's right to gain access to an occupier's twitter accounts.

Twitter announces it will use its resources to continue the fight to protect the privacy of user tweets. The real game afoot is the court sees the tweets as being public and therefore not private, protected info. Shifting the onus for defending users onto the company means it won't be able to do it each and every time. The court denied the original tweeter, Malcolm Harris, the legal standing to challenge the request of info from twitter.

July 19th, 2012 : Dissecting the Dark Knight, Gitlin and Occupy Live Conference Call

Continuing the dissection of Nolan's Dark Knight Rises, which we suspect takes the Hollywood path of sensationalizing complex issues in favor of high-tech visual cocktails (disclosure : we've yet to see it).

Readers are reminded that Hollywood at it's best is (was) about story and script and, above all, entertainment. Movies are constrained by both a tight narrative format within narrowly prescribed time-frames, as well as the need to return profit margins to their backers. With the biggest films, the mandate is more so. The more ambiguous the message, the broader the appeal, so the logic goes.

July 18, 2012 : America 2012...No Threat is Too Small!

Video streaming by Ustream

Dateline : America 2012, where there's no limit on perceived threats. At what point do the cops cross the line between protecting the peace into suppressing the dissent upon which the country was founded?

A short list of the latest threats :

July 17, 2012 : NYPD Busts Occupy Knitting Grandmother Ring, and More!

File Under : Trust Us, We Know How You Feel

This space mentioned that Occupy Central (Hong Kong) could soon get the boot after HSBC Holdings goes to court to request an eviction. A follow-up hearing is scheduled for August 13th

Today NY Times jumps into the fray and publishes some interesting factoids about HK. Facts which may have led to the occupation. For those not already in the know :

July 16, 2012 : Occupy vs, the Banks, Love vs. Hate

When not showing up for near riots and prepping for the 2012 Olympics, a favorite media pastime is debating/determining the status of the occupy movement. Duke University Law professor Kyle Scott weighs in with his own take, chiding occupiers for not running a slate.

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