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June 22, 2012 : Occupy Homes Stands for Cruz Family, Caravan makes Southern Stops

As the summer heat blazes across most of the country, so does the Occupy Caravan, making stops and leading/encouraging occupies nation-wide with on the spot municipal demonstrations and general festivities. Occupy Athens, has planned a single day occupation of the Athens (Georgia) city hall to celebrate the arrival of the caravan and protest the city's proposed newly restrictive law on sleeping in parks and sidewalks, which they say stifles expression and harms the city's homeless. The caravan is scheduled to arrive in Philly the week of the 4th for the Occupy National Gathering, which coincides with Continental Congress 2.0

June 20 2012 : Bishop Packard Verdict In, Occupy Galway May Protest Race

The word comes down, the verdict is in : the Manhattan District Attorney's office finally scores a conviction for eight protesters, who, led by Bishop George Packard (video above), stormed the gates of the Trinity Church in Lower Manhattan in protest of the shut down of Zuccotti Park and the church's refusal to take up the social protest.

Clergy make news and face difficult and often profound decisions these days: to side with orthodoxy and church officials who abide by existing laws and edicts, or to answer their conscience.

June 17, 2012 : George Martinez Hits The Streets, Police Tools and Techniques, Fracking

Fracking, or resistance to it, emerges as a key organizing tenant as various occupies across the US support anti-fracking initiatives. Occupy Raleigh demonstrates tonight outside Governor Beverly Purdue's Executive Mansion at 6PM to urge her to veto a bill that will allow the practice in North Carolina. carries an editorial from concerned citizen Heidi Zehnal, who provides evidence attempting to sway residents and the governor to support the call for a veto.

June 15-16 : Wall Street, Mainstream Media Still Clueless, Groupama Wins Leg 8

photo : Paul Todd, Associated Press

The investigation into the Oakland Police Department's actions against Occupy Oakland remains front and center. The former Baltimore Police Chief overseeing the investigation, Thomas Frazier, criticizes OPD at length, faulting police for “failing to adequately plan for the Oct. 25 demonstration" at which Iraq vet Scott Olsen was injured by a bean-bag projectile. Frazier writes of the department's use of less-than-lethal weapons that were “outdated and dangerous. “ Mayor Quan says the city is “unafraid of the truth” and has been trying to reform the police department for decades. San Jose Mercury News

June 13, 2012 : Russia Rally, Occupy SEC Urges Senate Committee on Dimon

When tens of thousands demonstrate against the system in the United States, it occasions media hand-wringing over the demise of a movement, and commentary over how the demonstrators have failed to achieve anything.

Not so when the same rally takes place in Russia.

Upwards of 50,000 clog the streets of Moscow to demand reforms from/to Putin's strongman government, undeterred by threats of enormous fines for participation, and in spite of having speakers brought before an “investigative board.”

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