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June 12, 2012 : Oakland Roils, Does Occupy Need to Get Back?

What is Occupy and what is not? Tens of thousands of protesters gather in the middle of Moscow to protest Putin's iron-fisted rule and for a more democratic society. For activists, attending demonstrations carries risks – more than being pepper-sprayed. The Kremlin denounces rising radicalism and says $9,000 fines for any one attending rallies that “cause harm to people or property.” A stiff fine given the average Russian yearly salary amounts to less. Several leading activists called before an Investigative Committee on an alleged criminal case, an attempt to deprive the event of its headline speakers. NY Times

June 11, 2012 : Berrigan, Packard : Priests Belong with the 99%

June 1, 2012 : Quebec Picks Up US Support; Introducing Occupy Rap Candidate

This Changes Everything : Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement consists of 84 pages and sixteen articles, said to be a largely self-congratulatory early history. The book is reviewed by recent VT Grad Avery Pittman at Pittman notes the book's lack of emphasis on international trade imbalances as a potential source for the current income disparities the movement addresses.

You know your movement or protest is making headway when the world's financial blogs take notice and chastise you for “not taking responsibility” being “leaderless,” and acting out “lawlessness.” Such is the panic the Quebec street protests provoke in blogger Larry Elkin, who gets worked up over the 100,000 who took to the streets May 22nd to celebrate their 100th day of protests.

May 31, 2012 : Chevron Activism, Arizona Prosecutor Stands Up for Occupy

Shareholder activism is a growing tactic for the 99% percent who have been Occupying board rooms and annual meetings. The latest company hit is Chevron, where several resolutions are filed at the company's annual board meeting, including one which attempts to separate the CEO from the board. Other cite the company's “risky business practices,” several of which are outlined by

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May 30, 2012 : Occupy Pushes Wage Rise, Introducing Lt. Dan, Taylor Michie

Watch live streaming video from volvooceanracesd at

Occupy Albany
shows up at the Capitol office of Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos to push for a rise in the minimum wage, calling it shameful that 78% of New Yorkers say they support it but Skelos – who claims “you shouldn't govern by polls” - refuses to bring it to a vote. Occupy was told they had chosen the wrong day to confront Skelos, allegedly on Long Island at the time of the protest. They promised to be back when the reps are in session and deliver more action(s) on the issue.

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