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March 8, 2012 : Good, Honest Grassroots Organizing : Foreclosure Actions Rise

National :

As the weather warms, whither Occupy? ABCNews summarizes the movements recent and upcoming actions during what promises to be a busy “USA Spring.”

Good, honest, straight-forward grassroots organizing” : Occupy Homes has made the eviction of home-owner Monique White, who fell behind on her payments and was foreclosed upon by freddie mac and US Bank, a focal point. The group says she deserves a second chance, much like the bailed out banks. White was granted an extension until Friday. National Lawyers Guild offers help. Video available at Dailyplanet.com

March 7 : Vermont Referendum, Anonymous Bust, Occupy Critics and Response

Amidst expected political punditry about Super Tuesday, Vermonters staged a series of town meetings voting on a resolution to urge a constitutional amendment to overturn a Supreme Court ruling and eliminate the notion of “corporate personhood.” Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has sponsored a similar type of amendment in the Senate and supported the “town meeting uprising.” Democracynow.org

An LA Times editorial asks what kind of influence Occupy will have in November with an improving economy and a seemingly more diffuse message and focus.

March 6, 2012 : 99 Percent Illuminator Brings Library Back to Zucotti, AIPAC Presence, Cleveland, Cali Arrests

UWS Digital News
recently reported on the Illuminator, the mobile guerrilla art supporting the 99 percent. This week, it stopped in Zucotti Park, and unveiled the return of the people's library.


Occupy AIPAC disrupts the Obama-Netanyahu attended conference amidst the blustery winds of war. Mixed coverage of the event as gather.com downplays the 200 protesters and chats with a lone “counter-protester” who termed the protests anti-semitic. Also cites various group tie-ins as anti-Israel. The anti-semitic charge was lobbed at occupy before when they spoke about banker control of the economy. It's an allegation frequently used against opponents of US Military Aid to Israel.

March 2 : Tea Party - Occupy Forum, More Specifics from Occupy SEC and Working Groups


Fort Wayne TV station Focus 15 held a ground-breaking conversation and forum that included both Occupy and the Tea Party. While the forum was billed as “occupy vs. tea party” by the end of the discussion the groups appeared to find much common ground. Video clips below from wane.com , listen to them without watching and see if you can tell which group is speaking :


Out West : Occupy drew what were described as “modest but passionate crowds” to state campuses UC and Cal State to protest cuts to education and rising tuition costs. Classes at UC Santa Cruz were canceled as about 200 demonstrators blocked vehicle access to the campus. A motorist attempting to drive through the crowd struck several protesters, but no one was seriously injured, officials said. Los Angeles Times

February 28 :London Cleared, Dust Settles in Louisville; ALEC Protest is Tomorrow


The Occupy London encampment was finally raided last night, Guardian UK asks the inevitable “what (where) next” question, topical on both sides of the Atlantic. Raw footage of the eviction :

Occupy Oakland: reports say a fracas broke out at a rally protesting “black on white violence in South Africa,” with bottles and other objects being thrown by a group allegedly representing Occupy Oakland. The Occupiers termed the South Africa march “racist” and affiliated with former klansman and renegade Presidential candidate David Duke. Usatoday.com , no statement yet from the Occupy Oakland hashtag.

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