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February 27, 2012 : Occupy Actions Heat Up Around Banks, Leaks Show Wall Street Concerns




Occupy Update February 27, 2012

Occupy Louisville is in the news after they posted an eviction notice on the doors of Chase Bank due to the banks “financial negligence and the ruin of the community.” The protesters demanded the bank must vacate their offices and “any properties under their control.” While they claim police brutality, and it's hard to tell what's going on, the whole scene appears a bit antagonistic. One of the protesters admits their actions were “a little less than perfectly peaceful.” Raw footage below :

February 20, 2012 : Occupy Declares Day in Support of Prisoners


Monday, February 20 has been dubbed “National Occupy Day in Support of Prisoners.” OWS organizers such as Jay Chiu, state that the “prison industrial complex” is a key component in keeping the 99% down. Huffpost

Occupy Delaware's weekend rally was attended by 100 supporters and featured special guest former Army officer and Iraq War Veteran Lt. Dan Choi. Choi, whose coming out helped end Don't Ask Don't Tell, read a poem about tents to the Occupiers. Tent symbolism was a recurring theme, Occupy Philly donated a tent to Occupy Delaware who reciprocated with donations of laptops to the Philadelphians. Retired Philly Police Capt. Ray Lewis also spoke, presumably in uniform.delmarvanow.com

February 17, 2012 : Occupy Hits Fashion Week, Opens PAC


San Jose Mercury News Occupy Oakland has its own place in the lexicon of Occupys. Today charges move forward against two activists accused of brutalizing the police. Fair to say, Oakland has seen more violence than any other Occupy, graphic journalist Susan Caigle presents her own graphical narrative of Occupy Oakland in today's truthout

A Decatur, GA resident has applied for an Occupy Wall Street PAC, according to CBSnews.com. While the applicant claims to be one of the 99%, and inspired by Colbert's PAC , which is recently said to have raised $1M in contributions.

February 15, 2012 : Occupy Continues Shift Amidst Legal Beatback


Today's update covers the Occupiers who continue to shift and change tactics, including Occupy LA who stood up for a Vet facing foreclosure over his delayed military paycheck.All part of the Occupy Valentine's Break Up With Your Bank Day NBClosangeles.com

View more videos at: http://nbclosangeles.com.

February 14, 2012 : Santorum Meets Occupy Tacoma

GOP Flavor of the week Santorum attempted to rally supporters next to an occupy base camp in Tacoma, dealing with non-stop chants of “We are the 99%” The newly-energized Santorumites responded with the ever-used “get a job” riposte. Msnbc.com

Dealing with the protesters, Santorum tried to take the high road, saying he understood their frustrations and blaming the travails of the 99% on Obama. However, he went on to label Occupy as “intolerant” and as a “radical element.”

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