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Occupy Update December 8, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Suffolk Superior Court Judge Frances McIntyre ruled against Occupy Boston, saying they have no right to stay indefinitely in Dewey Square. The Boston Herald says the city is already making plans to remove the protestors, who vow to fight any such effort, this weekend. UWS News will stay on top of this rapidly developing story.

Occupy Update December 7, 2011

Siddhartha Mahanta writes in Mother Jones that President Obama is starting to talk about the same issues that OWS has been raising.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino says that Occupy Boston should focus on a certain issue and bring it to the politicians in Washington, DC. The Boston Globe says the encampment is raising important free speech issues.

Occupy Update December 6, 2011

Occupy Boston was rebuffed in their attempt to bring a fireproof, winterized tent to their Dewey Square camp. The protestors claim they are not receiving clear answers from the city about why the tent was not allowed.

Occupy Our Homes will hold events today in at least 25 cities to protest the foreclosure crisis.

Occupy Update December 5, 2011

The camp at Occupy Portland in Oregon was cleared by police on Saturday night. The protestors regrouped and marched on Sunday to several other locations in an attempt to set up tents. UWS News will stay on top of this developing story.

In another developing story, police and Occupy DC continue their standoff over a wooden structure the protestors set up at their camp in McPherson Square. So far 31 protestors have been detained by the police.

Occupy Update December 2, 2011

Occupy Boston was victorious in Suffolk Superior Court yesterday when Judge Frances A. McIntyre said the original injunction prohibiting the City of Boston from removing them will remain in effect until she makes makes her final decision which will be no later than December 15th. UWS News will keep following this developing story.

Carol Rose, writing in the On Liberty blog for Boston.com, says that what has been taking place in Suffolk Superior Court has shown that democracy works.

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