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UWS Digital News covers all the Occupy News of the day, from East Coast to West, and around the globe, and rolls it up in one big Occupy News Digest for you, dear readers. We try to identify significant Occupy trends so you're always in the loop about what's coming next from Occupy and how it impacts working people and organized labor in the United States and beyond. "We Cover those who Cover Occupy!"

Occupy Update December 1, 2011

CNN provides an exclusive look at the occupied office, just a few blocks from Zucotti and Wall Street.

In the Boston Globe, the two month anniversary of Occupy brings an analysis of a potential, upcoming shift in tactics.

Occupy Boston marched through the streets to celebrate their two month anniversary and on the eve of a court showdown with the city.

Occupy Update November 30, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Occupy LA and Occupy Philly were cleared by the police last night. UWS will continue to follow this developing story.

Is Occupy Boston next? The City of Boston has filed a 200 page document laying out their arguments in favor of eviction.

Occupy Update November 29, 2011

The Occupy camps remain in Philadelphia and Los Angeles despite orders to leave. Occupy LA has gone to court to ask for a temporary restraining order against expulsion. UWS will stay on this developing story, but LaTimes.com and Philly.com remain great sources for updates.

Occupy Update November 28, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: The Occupy encampments in Los Angeles and Philadelphia are under an order to evacuate. Follow this breaking story at Philly.com and LATimes.com.

Occupy Update November 23, 2011

A lot has changed since Occupy the Highway left Zuccotti Park on November 9th to march to McPherson Square in Washington, DC to protest the congressional super-committee’s anticipated cuts to social programs. Despite not having a homebase to return to, and the failure of the super-committee to agree on anything, they have arrived and plan to rally today.

Sarwar Kashmeri wonders in this column for the Huffington Post if OWS is losing energy and focus.

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