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UWS Digital News covers all the Occupy News of the day, from East Coast to West, and around the globe, and rolls it up in one big Occupy News Digest for you, dear readers. We try to identify significant Occupy trends so you're always in the loop about what's coming next from Occupy and how it impacts working people and organized labor in the United States and beyond. "We Cover those who Cover Occupy!"

Occupy Update 11-10-2011

Brooklyn Link has a peek inside the “super secret media lair” of OWS as well as a profile of their media team.

KQED has the story of a teacher who brought the lessons of the Occupy movement to her 8th grade science class as well how educators across the country are using it as a teaching tool.

Jake Paysour writes for The Center for American Progress on the similarity between recent statements from the Catholic Church and the demands of OWS.

Occupy Update November 8, 2011

Eric Lowitt writes in the Harvard Business Review that companies should listen to OWS.

In the Huffington Post, Joy Resmovits reports on the first ever OWS General Assembly on education and how it led to “Occupy the DOE (Department of Education)” in New York City.

Some members of OWS are planning to “Occupy the Highway” by participating in a 200 mile two week march starting on November 9th from Liberty Square in NYC to join with Occupy DC in McPherson Square on November 23rd to call on the Congressional Deficit Reduction Super-Committee to reject the extension of tax cuts that primarily “benefit the top 1%”.

Occupy Update November 7, 2011

An Occupy political party? Activists from Cincinnati have traveled to New York to raise the idea with OWS.

The Columbia Journalism Review has a story about how military veterans are using new media to debate the Occupy movement.

Forbes has a Corporate Social Responsibility blog that has has been covering OWS from the business side of things.

Occupy Update November 4, 2011

Arthur S. Brisbane, the “reader's representative” of the New York Times, asks some probing questions about how the Occupy movement should be covered in his Public Editor Journal.

In a column for Project Syndicate, Columbia University Professor and Nobel Laureate of Economics Joseph E. Stiglitz puts OWS in the context recent worldwide events.

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press has a disturbing story about reporters, especially for non-traditional media, being arrested at Occupy events across the country.

Occupy Update November 3, 2011

The big story of the day is Occupy Oakland and the shut down of the Port of Oakland.

The Nation has been providing extensive coverage of OWS since it began. Richard Kim has an in-depth analysis of where the movement has been and where it is going in this month's issue.

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, says he is not losing sleep over OWS.

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