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April 18, 2012 : Rallies Nationwide on Tax Day, Introducing Guitarmy


Rallies on Tax Day across the US. Occupy makes in-roads into board-rooms and think-tanks. Guitarmy will join May 1st rally. Bloomie to give commencement speech. Tax Dodgers at Anne Romney's birthday bash.

Buzz through-out the blogosphere over Citi's shareholder rejection of what is typically pro-forma approval of senior executive compensation. Many claim Occupy has reached the board room. Huffpost

April 17, 2012 : Empire Strikes Back, Meaning of Occupy Debated

April 17, 2012: No more sleep-overs as NYPD strikes back. Arrests at Stock Exchange and in the Bronx. More scooped from Fed Hall rally. DC feels the heat. Commentators parse the meaning of Occupy. Occupy Redding gives Verizon an Award.


Photo Courtesy of Daily News

The jig may be up for sidewalk sleep-overs as at least 5 demonstrators arrested by NYPD for blocking the New York Stock Exchange. Cops appeared on the scene at 6 AM rousing protesters and telling them anyone sitting or lying on a sidewalk “is eligible for arrest.” Protesters cite a 2000 ruling that claim it;s allowed. Others are picked out of a crowd by cops, cuffed, and led away.

April 16, 2012 : Protests Peaceful and Testy, Schecter Slams Occupy Purity



Photo Courtesy of Observer and Eccentric
Today : tactics diversify, with varying levels of success. Fears of “co-optation” in the form of the “99% Spring” abound. Action and discussions in the camps, particularly New Haven, where an early founder says it's time to pack up and not make the city the enemy. Demonstration in NYC echoes black bloc bs in Oakland.

Cities :

Occupy Portland's field trip to the Hanford Nuclear Power plant culminated in a rally to urge a speedier clean-up. Long-time anti-nuclear activist Helen Caldicott urged more citizens to get involved, calling the plant “the belly of the beast.” Concerns expressed ranged from pollution of the Columbia River, protecting indigenous land, and fears of a Fukushima-type disaster. Bellinghamherald.com

April 13, 2012 : Hayden on Occupy, Sleep Overs Okay

Sfgate.com (San Francisco Chronicle) describes how the former Occupy Oakland flash point in downtown Oakland is starting to see some life as businesses move in and vacant storefronts disappear. While the entrepreneurs fear the Occupation coming back, we find it curious that only two months later, the area comes to life.

OWS was back for the third straight night on Wall St., sleeping on the sidewalk in front of financial institutions. The new wave of Occupiers unrolled their sleeping bags on Wall, Nassau, and Broad Streets. The police have so far taken notice but have not asked the protesters to move. The legal basis for the action apparently resides in a 2000 decision that permits protesters to sleep on sidewalks so long as they do not block doorways. NY Times

April 12, 2012 : UC-Davis Report Slams Cops, Sleepful Protest in Cities

Cities :

A report by a UC-Davis appointed task force has found that campus police made errors in judgment in pepper-spraying demonstrators. The report ripped a “cascading series of errors” that led to the incident and questioned the legal basis for the action, rebutting police claims that the use of force on occupy demonstrators was justified and necessary. LA Times

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