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February 14, 2012 : Santorum Meets Occupy Tacoma

GOP Flavor of the week Santorum attempted to rally supporters next to an occupy base camp in Tacoma, dealing with non-stop chants of “We are the 99%” The newly-energized Santorumites responded with the ever-used “get a job” riposte. Msnbc.com

Dealing with the protesters, Santorum tried to take the high road, saying he understood their frustrations and blaming the travails of the 99% on Obama. However, he went on to label Occupy as “intolerant” and as a “radical element.”

February 13, 2012 : Palin Mic-Checked, Occupy On the Move


Occupy DC mic-checked Palin's “cherry on top” Sunday Speech to CPAC and were greeted as expected. The group made their statement outside the hall, reading the “occupy declaration.”

February 9, 2012 : Occupy Ideas Advance as Camps Shut Down


The Anonymous collective has issued a video warning to protesters using so called “black bloc tactics,” promising to reveal their identities should they continue to interfere with the Occupy movement.

Specifically, spooky voice chastises Black Bloc for “hiding behind the banner of Occupy” and being “agent provocateurs.”  IBTimes.co.uk

February 8, 2012 : Occupy Foreclosure Meets With Wells Fargo

Don't fool yourself into believing Occupiers aren't having an impact. Latest vid from insideoutnews.org describes a meeting that took place last night between Wells Fargo and Occupy Foreclosure. An activist who was present nails the issue exactly in ascribing significance to the fact the bankers felt they had to meet.

February 7, 2012 : We're Sticking Up for You - Occupy Crashes Tax Session


Occupy Wall Street came to Northhampton, MA and participated in a rally for the 99 percent that brought several parties together in the city's Pulaski Park. Local and national concerns were vented by the protesters. Dailycollegian.com

Elsewhere in Massachusetts, the Boston Globe has coverage of Somerville, MA, where Occupy is said to have gone grassroots. Boston.com

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