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Occupy Update January 20, 2012


afternoon update :

Raw video of Occupy Courthouse demonstrators
Black Pastors Joining Occupy Movement
Occupy the Courts takes aim at Citizens United and Super Pacs


Call it Occupy Wall Street West or Occupy 2.0. The San Francisco Examiner reports that today's activities in San Francisco's financial district kick off a new phase for the movement. Those who wish to follow the days events can use the hashtag at #occupysf. Looks like occupysf will feature live video feeds, once they are up and out. Huffpost has extensive coverage and analysis of the Left Coast this morning.

January 19, 2012 : Day of Geek Rage, Occupy Protests Govs, Citizens United

Occupy Around the Globe : January 19, 2012

UWS Round-Up

Day of Geek Rage : The news of the day is Occupy SOPA, as both internet giants and users mobilized online and RW (offline, Real World) to block the stop internet piracy act nytimes.com. Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, and others all flex muscle (Sfgate.com)as K street and the Capitol face day of reckoning and the need to change tacttics. Senators and Reps backing the bill backed off. Daily Show host Stewart gives a take.

January 18, 2012 : Occupy Congress Nets Mixed Results, Left Coast Braces for Friday



Fury occurs over the latest Goldman Sachs compensation figures and the fact that they don't seem to be much tied to performance. The Guardian UK focuses on the latest bonuses for the 1 percent.

The Guardian also has latest on eviction order against Occupy London issued by the City of London against the occupiers near St. Paul's Cathedral.

January 17, 2012 : Occupy Congress Begins

Thousands of Occupy protesters from across the country are expected to converge Tuesday on Capitol Hill to take their message to the halls of Congress, in what some observers say is the movement’s overdue moment to engage the American political system. Msnbc.com

Also today, Occupiers are protesting in Hawaii and 79 federal courthouses around the country the anniversary of the Citizens United decision, which opened the door to unlimited corporate spending on elections in various forms. Hawaii Reporter

January 16, 2012 : Nigeria Protesters Victorious, Marches Across the US on MLK Day

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