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Occupy Update December 13, 2011

Occupy protestors were successful in shutting down some ports at least temporarily on the West Coast in an effort called “Shut Down Wall Street On The Waterfront”. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters press released a letter of support from truck drivers involved in trying to organize a union at some of the ports. The Washington Post asks if these disruptions are something that will continue and expand throughout next year and affect the presidential election.

Occupy Update December 12, 2011

A coalition of West Coast Occupy movements is hoping to shut down ports from San Diego to Anchorage today. Port unions are split on this one. The Longshoremen are against it, and the Teamsters, who fighting represent non-union SSA Marine drivers, are in favor.

Occupy Boston held their second General Assembly at the bandstand on the Boston Common since being evicted from Dewey Square. The ACLU and The National Lawyers Guild issued a joint statement regarding the police removal of the protestors.

Occupy Update : December 11, 2011


Cops Worked With Protestors in Boston
West Palm Beach (!) Moves

Why Small-Business Supports Occupy

In The Boston Herald, Peter Gelzinis details what led to the peaceful resolution and ultimate clearing of the Occupy Boston encampment, lauding Police Supt. Billy Evans and the City. The Herald also runs a piece by Weir, Wedge, and Algarin looking at what's next.

The Globe's McGrory concurs, lauding Mayor Thomas Menino whose tactics differed from other Mayors nation-wide, who thanked protestors for shining a “much-needed light, still needed, on the growing economic inequality in this country.”

Breaking News : Occupy Boston Remains Past Deadlines, Police Tour Site

The deadline imposed by the city for Occupy Boston to vacate their camp at Dewey Square has passed, and the protestors, although there are fewer, are still there. There were as many as 1,000 supporters as the deadline approached, but as the night progressed, the numbers diminished. This morning Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis toured the site and met with some of the remaining protestors. UWS will remain on top of this breaking news story. Stay tuned to UWS Digital News and Occupy Boston and Boston.com  for up to the minute updates.

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