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Occupy Update November 23, 2011

A lot has changed since Occupy the Highway left Zuccotti Park on November 9th to march to McPherson Square in Washington, DC to protest the congressional super-committee’s anticipated cuts to social programs. Despite not having a homebase to return to, and the failure of the super-committee to agree on anything, they have arrived and plan to rally today.

Sarwar Kashmeri wonders in this column for the Huffington Post if OWS is losing energy and focus.

Occupy Update : November 22, 2011

Occupy Your Thanksgiving Table. Working America, the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, has Four Turkey Talk Tips for discussing the Occupy movement at your holiday dinner.

Kevin Young has a provocative column in The Indypendent that criticizes the media's coverage of OWS.

Occupy Update November 21, 2012

The two University of California-Davis police officers who used pepper spray on Occupy protestors on that campus have been placed on paid administrative leave. Meanwhile the campus police chief attempted to explain the actions of his officers.

Brian Wheeler of BBC News tells the story of the first night of OWS.

Occupy Update November 18, 2011

Reuters provides in-depth commentary from the one percenters, who are struggling to understand the Occupy message.


The big story was the “Day of Action” in NYC that was a show of strength by OWS after their eviction from Zuccotti Park.

Business Week offers a scorecard for OWS on their two month anniversary.

Occupy Update November 17, 2011


The big story is where does OWS and the Occupy movement go from here now that they have been evicted from their home base of Zuccotti Park? The phrase of the day appears to be “You can't evict an idea”, but only time will tell if they are able to maintain momentum and command the daily attention of the media. An early test of the continued strength of OWS will be today's (November 17th) International Day of Action. There is some great commentary and suggestions in the Huffington Post, truth-out.org, truthdig, and Democracy Now!.

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