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Occupy Update November 16, 2011

Occupy Wall Street has been evicted from Zuccotti Park. The process that began with an early morning raid was wrapped up by late afternoon when a judge affirmed the right of New York City to bar overnight camping in the park. By early evening the park was open to protestors to return as part of the general public, but they were not allowed to bring tents or sleeping bags. UWS will stay on top of this developing story.

Occupy Update Breaking News—Police Clear Occupy Wall Street


Police cleared Zuccotti Park, the home of Occupy Wall Street, early this morning. NYC Mayor Bloomberg's office issued a press release saying protestors could return as part of the general public, but they would not be allowed to camp. The OWS General Assembly has called for a post-raid General Assembly and Rally this morning. UWS will stay on top of this developing story.

Occupy Update November 15, 2011


Today's Democracy Now newscast offers live, on-site reporting and interviews, covering this morning's  Zucotti Park police raid and eviction of OWS, as well as updates and the protestors' next steps (Video).

Occupy Oakland has been raided and cleared by the police for the second time. After the first time it was cleared last month, protestors returned the next day and restarted the occupation. The top legal adviser to Mayor Quan of Oakland has resigned in protest.

Occupy Update November 14, 2011

Today's New York Times discusses how the Occupy movement is gravitating toward college campuses.


This week appears to be a defining time for the Occupy movement. Many camps are under pressure from the police and politicians. Protestor confrontations with police in Portland , Denver , and Albany and Berkeley have spurred calls from authorities in Oakland and Philadelphia to leave peacefully. One solution has been for the protests to move to college campuses.

Occupy Update November 13, 2011

truth-out.org has “Ten Ways The Occupy Movement Changes Everything”


Are evictions of Occupy camps coming? The ones in Oakland and Salt Lake City seem to be in the most immediate danger of being shut down.

Good news. According to Reuters, former Marine Scott Olsen, who was seriously injured at Occupy Oakland, has been released from the hospital.

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