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July 16, 2012 : Occupy vs, the Banks, Love vs. Hate

When not showing up for near riots and prepping for the 2012 Olympics, a favorite media pastime is debating/determining the status of the occupy movement. Duke University Law professor Kyle Scott weighs in with his own take, chiding occupiers for not running a slate. Heraldsun.com

July 12, 2012 : The Tale of the Threatening Bike Stand

That didn't take long. No sooner does the NYPD announce a “link” between a DNA trace retrieved from a March Occupy protest and an unsolved 2004 murder, a day later comes the retraction. As reported here yesterday, NY Times and mucho mas outlets nearly fell over themselves publicizing the alleged “link” to Occupy, offering up salacious headlines.

Today, they take it all back. "DNA Match Tying Protest to 2004 Killing Is Doubted" NY Times now says. Dailybeast.com goes further saying “Occupy Murder Mess Points to Problems With New York’s DNA Database.”

July 11, 2012 : Oakland City Councilors May Work with Occupy, Brecher on the 99%

Tragic story : Julliard student Sarah Fox is found murdered in 2004 after disappearing while on a spring run. Nearly 8 years later, headlines trumpet “DNA Said to Link Occupy Wall St. Protest and 2004 Killing,” which for most will read “Occupy Wall St. linked to 2004 killing.” It's a not-so-subtle tactic. Do the facts matter? The DNA trace could have come from anywhere, friend or killer. It matches the DNA found on the victim's CD player. Is it possible the killer touched the CD player and was present at the March 2012 Occupy action the trace was retrieved from? Of course. Equally possible that the touch or match is coincidental. But hey, if you can possibly suggest in mainstream outlets that occupiers are responsible for a crime that took place nearly a decade before they existed, why not. NY Times

July 9, 2012 : Occupy Hits the Hamptons, Robert Pattinson Change of Heart

Summer's here, and the time is right for dancing (fighting?) in the streets...or crashing a multi-million dollar Super PAC party in the Hamptons. Such is the case for the occupiers that show up at a Mitt bash thrown by fellow high-roller and Knight of the One Percent, David Koch. The PAC party-crashers make it to the sandy edge of Koch's ultra-private beachfront summer manse before being met by a bevy of secret service and security agents. Occupy chronologist Natasha Lennard gives details at Salon

July 5th : Back to the Cities as Occupy NG Wraps

With meetings wrapped up and a brighter future mapped, Occupy heads North from Philly, at least the Guitarmy does, with sometimes rocker/activist and ex-Rage Against the Machine maestro Tom Morello at its head. Morello in his Rage salad days are featured in the video above. Details on the march are at philly.com, blogger and tweeter Dustin Slaughter offers a broadcast (on occasion) of the live event via ustream

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