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May 18, 2012 : NATO Kick Off, Frankfurt Deals with Blockupy, Galway Now Clear for Ocean Race

Occupy Laugh Riot. NATO kicks off. Putin busts up second camp, jails key Occupier organizer Yashin. Galway streets clear, Volvo Ocean Race too close to call.


Forbes.com may be the rag of the one percent, but there's no question they excel at providing regular coverage of Occupy. Today, Forbes' wag Ken Rapoza talks up the upcoming “Occupy Laugh Riot” scheduled to take place today to coincide with the meeting of the G8. Occupiers can leave comments for Rapoza and he will respond.

May 16, 2012 : Bankers Being Called on the Carpet, Chicago Readies for NATO

Bankers called on the carpet world-wide by Occupy. Some engage protesters. Chicago readies for NATO Conference. Coverage of the Volvo Ocean Race!

Global :

File Under : Hey Man, We Can Relate: Moscow's group of Occupiers, aka “Occupy Abai,” is dust as Putin's cops have the eviction drill down : First set a pretext, then a deadline. Next, come early (anywhere from 3 to 6AM usually works), rouse sleepy-headed protesters who typically don't turn in early, send them packing, then raze the camp. Occupy Abai, set up May 9 around a monument to Abai Kunanbayev, a Kazakh poet, says they have a new location, about 2 miles from the city.

May 10, 2012 : Nation-wide protests outside BofA, Introducing OccuCopy

This space mentioned yesterday that Occupy's working groups get stiffed by establishment media that favor more sensationalistic stories involving vandalism and alleged violence. However, no sooner do we say it, the New York Daily News profiles a democratic, worker-owned co-op formed from Occupy members that has started a t-shirt print shop on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn.

The group, OccuCopy says it reserves up to 25% of operating revenues for the purpose of supporting and starting other Occupy-owned businesses (there are several, including a tech venture). By and large, the clients are OWS itself, as well as local non-profits.

May 9, 2012 : Financial Focus of Occupy Strong as Media Put Downs Mount

Oops! Occupy the Farm in Albany, CA had sought to negotiated solution with UC-Berkeley to the dispute surrounding the public land known as “Gill Tract” but it appears the university is going the forced eviction route. Latest word is cops are mobilizing, yellow police lines are up, and “chemical agents” may be used to get people out. Yowsa. Nbcbayarea.com

Social network site Twitter sets the blogosphere abuzz after it files a motion to quash a court order to turn over tweets and account info for an arrested OWS protester. Twitter also claims the court does not have the right to deny the protester the ability to challenge the original court order for the data, since the NYC DA did not possess a warrant for such data, and such denial would put an undue burden on the company to stand up for user privacy.

May 8, 2012 : Introducing Bishop George Packard, Veterans for Occupy



Huffpost features MIT Professor Noam Chomsky writing on “Plutonomy and the Precariat” in which

he essays on Occupy's role in addressing the sweeping economic and workforce changes that have marked the United States in the last three decades.

The International Business Times questions the legal basis and legitimacy of arrests that took place at the end of the May Day march in VietnamVeterans Memorial Plaza. Protesters were told by NYPD that they were “illegally occupying a public park,” but it now appears they were occupying several addresses at once, including a private one, which would have required the occupant to (technically) summon police. The tenant says they would have, gladly, however did not.

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