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May Day 2012 : Ongoing Occupy and Strike Coverage, Links, Resources and More

May Day 2012 is here and we present : Occupy : We Got You Covered! UWS Digital News has boots on the ground, reporters in the field, and will feature regular updates in this space.

630 AM and the day dawns wet and gray. The Bolt Bus is where we submit the first update from. The same Bolt Bus where riders cannot reach the promised internet-land. This limits early access to live updates on both May Day Radio as well as live video streams from Bryant Park and elsewhere. We do however, hear the guy snoring behind us, and a bland discussion covering numerous topics, right next to us. Outside, rain is coming down, hard. This combines to makes us ornery. Of course it is early yet.

April 30, 2012 : All Eyes Turn to May 1, Occupy, We Got It Covered

All eyes turn to May 1, International Workers Day and the anticipated Day of Action that Occupy has been cooking up since most camps and cities went dark over the winter. Banks and cops work together and brace for protests. NYC, SF, and major cities in spotlight as citizens wonder if roads will be shut down. Stakes are high to Occupy to make statement. Watch this space for regular updates during the next 24 hours.

Bloomberg has a complete round-up of what to look for from Occupy and participating Labor Unions tomorrow– how many will clog the streets? How creative will occupy get? According to the Bloomberg report “Calls for a general strike with no work, no school, no banking and no shopping have sprung up on websites in Toronto, Barcelona, London, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney, among hundreds of cities in North America, Europe and Asia.”

April 27, 2012 : Left Coast Rumblings, Judge Says Tweets Fair Game


Arrests turn to charades as cases get tossed. Occupy Dataran moves ahead. Rumblings on the left coast in anticipation of the May 1 General Strike. Finally, Occupy Asteroids??

A group of Occupy Philly protesters busted in November for resisting arrest and the usual array of charges have walked free after a Philadelphia judge on Thursday dismissed all charges against them. Philly.com

Ditto for those charged for Occupying the Capitol in Sacramento, as the DA there announces she will not pursue charges against the vast majority of demonstrators. Modesto Bee

April 25, 2012 : 99 Percent Crash GE, Wells Fargo, Brooklyn Parents Plan to Occupy

The Prez is making the media rounds to kick off his re-election bid, with the latest stop at Rolling Stone, where he sits down (for an hour) with long-time Jagger groupie and RS Publisher Jann Wenner. The Prez says Occupy is “part of a broader anxiety” while mentioning that he remains a champ of the “free market system.” Content.usatoday.com

April 20, 2012 : Occupy Foreclosures is Worldwide, Yes Men Prank Hits BofA

Occupier tactics take all forms. The more creative the better, at least for this space. Yes Men hit another home run with a bogus press release announcing that BofA was soliciting ideas from the public as to what they would do once they owned the Bank. The release included authentic logos, fake content, and an alleged advertising campaign. The release, sent under fake Busineswire auspices, looked genuine enough for Dow Jones News wires to publish it, briefly. Yeslab.org

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