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March 23, 2012 : Occupy Camps Re-Emerge with Warm Weather


OWS continues to take heat for a video showing an alleged protester (from Philly) spreading human waste in bank lobbies (no pun intended). NY Daily News first pushed the video, allegedly “leaked” by NYPD to push back on the movement as OWS attempts its own Spring Surge. Nymag.com

March 22, 2012 : Occupy Joins Million Hoodie March, DHS Documents Declassified

As awareness of the scandalous nature of Trayvon Martin's killing and aftermath spreads nation-wide, Occupy joins the fray, marching with thousands of other Martin family supporters in a “million hoodie march” last night in Union Square to protest the killing and ensure justice is served. Martin's killer remains at large. The group later went back to the financial district and mounted the bull while police looked on. Democracynow.org, abcnews.com

March 21, 2012 : All Roads Lead to May 1, Trumka, Labor Said to Back General Strike

NYU local
carries word that as the trees bloom (early) in New York, the hibernation is over and all roads for Occupy lead to the May 1 General Strike. The occupymay1st.org site is up, and general assemblies from Boston, Chicago, Portland, Oakland and many other major cities are already to be signed up to be participating.

Trumka at the AFL-CIO is reported to be expressing support for the idea, working title “ A Day Without the 99%” obrag.org

Raw Footage From Zuccotti Park, 6 Month Anniversary Rally

Courtesy of You Tube poster,

March 20, 2012 : City Councilors Urge Protesters Bill of Rights; Occupy Cincinnati Back in Business



Occupy Wall Street is urging a National Strike Day on May 1 in protest of what its calling police brutality employed by NYPD on this past weekend's demonstrators. Police tactics were protested yesterday during a Manhattan press conference attended by OWS activists who were joined by New York City City Councilors like Ydanis Rodriguez, who called for the enactment by the council of a “Protester's Bill of Rights.” For the general strike, participants are urged to stay at home and not spend money in NYC. Businessweek.com, Wall Street Journal Online has more details on the press conference

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