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Non-Profit Labor Group Goes Live

America in Solidarity has just gone live with a Union Web Services next generation new web site that will drive its organization's growth and fundraising in 2006 and beyond.

The foundation of the new site is an integrated web content management system (CMS) and CiviCRM open source database that allows AIS to quickly promote news about campaigns and events held around the country to a centralized web site used by it geographically separated members. The integration allows AIS to keep in touch with members who are receiving regular updates from their site, and mobilize them in their respective geographical areas.

America in Solidarity is a non-profit organization founded by ILWU Longshoreman Todd Iverson and Gail Ross, both form Tacoma, Washington. The goal of the organization, according to Iverson, is to "encourage politicans to take a stand for the working people of America." To accomplish this, Iverson's organization encourages legislators nation-wide to sign the America in Solidarity "pledge."

IBEW 223 Debuts Cutting-Edge Membership System

IBEW 223 goes live with Next Generation Web Site and Online Member Database

IBEW 223, a union representing electrical workers and contractors in eastern Massachusetts, has gone live with a next generation web site that utilizes the CiviCRM web-based membership management system.

CiviCRM is a contact, fundraising and eCRM system that allows unions to record and manage information about members, contractors, legislators, activists, vendors and more. Submit and track dues payments, conversations, events or any type of correspondence with each constituent and store it in a web-accessible source.

Teachers Union Gets an "A" in Internet Acuity

When the Rhode Island Federation of Teachers and Health Professionals (RIFTHP) realized they needed to take the next step and upgrade their existing web site, Union Web Services stepped in and converted their "old-school" static web site into a cutting-edge dynamic web portal.

The new site allows RIFTHP administrators to update to their site as easily as drawing on a chalkboard. Without needing any coding skills, the RIFTHP staff can add news, new pages, events, photos and more, just using a standard web browser like Internet Explorer.

Union Web Services redesigned the site, improved the site's navigation structure, and added a private section for union members.

When it comes to effective use of the internet, RIFTHP is at the head of the class!

Plumbers Union Welds Information Pipeline

Union Web Services Creates New Site for Plumbers and Gasfitters Local 12

The visionary leadership of Plumbers and Gasfitters Local 12 chose Union Web Services to design and launch a cutting-edge, member-friendly interactive web site. The site  features a content management system that makes updating the web site simple and easy.

The Plumbers wanted a lively site that members would visit often. Union Web Services responded by providing them with an interactive site on which members can sign up to receive daily news updates via email, along with customized syndicated news from the Massachusetts labor community, a training center, events and local union news.

The new site will help the Plumbers connect easily to their members and the surrounding community.  Congratulations to the forward-thinking leadership at Local 12.

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