Is the Site Up to Date?

Is your site reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that out of date material is corrected or removed? Is new information added to the site on a regular basis? Is it easy to add new material to the site?

Union Web Services builds sites that anyone can quickly and easily maintain without technical knowledge. It's as simple as using a word processor. If the site is to be an effective means of communication with members and/or the public, it's important to encourage return visits. Over time, visitors will only come back to a site if they expect to see new information there.

We recommend that new material should be added to site daily (or at least once a week). If the local has no new information to post to the site, the homepage can be updated with links to pages of interest on the international's site or others, and news items from the labor movement. Many of our New England clients make use of our "Labor News" wire to ensure a constant flow of new content on their homepages.

UWS offers automated daily news feeds, timely online event management, and copy writing services.