Is the Site User-Friendly?

Is the content of the site divided into clear sections?

Is the site easy to navigate?

If the site contains 25 or more pages, is a site map and/or search function provided?

Do the pages load quickly for visitors with a dial-up connection? Most web site designers have high-speed connections, but most union members don't.

Can a visitor quickly determine if new content has been added to the site since their last visit?

Does the site require horizontal scrolling on a standard screen?

Have all links been checked (and re-checked periodically) and found working (especially links to external sites)?

Do any of the site’s pages require scrolling to get to substance? Or, are there any pages that require excessive (in some cases "any") scrolling for the reader to get to the desired element?

Does the site use excessive highlighting (underline, bold, italic, large fonts, etc.)?

Has the site been thoroughly checked and rechecked for spelling errors and grammatically incorrect sentences?

Does the background in any way interfere with the legibility of the text?

Are animated gif’s and Flash used sparingly and only when they add real meaning to a page?

Are relative text sizes used so that a user can make the text larger or smaller as desired?