Is the Site Interactive?

In addition to providing information to your visitors, does your site provide the opportunity for you to find something out about them? E-mail addresses are particularly important, as they give the ability to send information instantly to members and supporters when needed. We recommend a prominent blurb on the homepage encouraging visitors to sign up as union "e-activists".

Visitors can also be given the opportunity to pledge their support to individual campaigns. On the national level, most internationals have set up sites where members and supporters can lobby their US representatives (and others) on particular issues - linking to these sites adds value to your own local site as well!

Union Web Services builds member-friendly, interactive sites. Typical features include:

  • Collaboration
    Union staff are able to collaboratively edit and post Web site content and review revisions to Web pages.

  • Personalization
    Members who "join" your Web site are able to customize their membership information and, to some extent, the presentation of that information on the site.

  • Member  management
    Your membership can "sign up" for accounts on your Web site, making it easy for you to personalize their experience, communicate, and maintain up-to-date membership information.

  • Blogging
    Take advantage of cutting-edge internet technology and keep your members coming back to the site every day by posting news and alerts.

  • Community features
    Optional Forums, private messages, member blogs, bookmarks, image galleries and more.