Labor Law

National Labor Relations Board

The NLRB is a Federal agency that administers the National Labor Relations Act by:

    * conducting elections to determine whether or not employees want union representation;
    * investigating and remedying unfair labor practices by employers and unions.

Law Center for Economic and Social Justice.

A national legal resource center, dedicated to helping individuals, unions, community organizations, attorneys, and other progressive minded people who are working for social justice or who have been harmed by the acts of business. In some cases, they offer direct legal representation or assistance in grassroots efforts. For others, they offer legal support and expert advice.

Connecticut Department of Labor

Their offices, located in the 14 One-Stop Centers throughout the State, serve job seekers, students, businesses, and individuals who are underemployed, as well as those who want to change jobs or continue to move in their careers. At these facilities, assessment, testing, workshops and career guidance are available to everyone. Current labor market information enables individuals to plan for the jobs of tomorrow, as well as today. A job bank of available jobs in Connecticut and throughout the nation is literally "at your finger tips" through the use of the Internet. Using a PC, these can be viewed from your home, business, public library, and at any of the One-Stop Centers. (See the directory of CT Works Centers for the office nearest you.)
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