Labor Unions and the Internet


CivicSpace is a community organizing process and software platform.

It allows you to build communities online and offline that can communicate effectively, act collectively, and coordinate coherently with a network of other related organizations.

CivicSpace enables bottom-up people-powered campaigns to operate on a more level playing field with more traditional top-down organizations, and, similarly, allows top-down organizations to leverage the power of grassroots organizing.

GIMP Image Processing Software

An open source alternative to programs like Photoshop and Fireworks.

Open Office

The free alternative to commercial office software. " 2.0 is the productivity suite that individuals, governments, and corporations around the world have been expecting for the last two years. Easy to use and fluidly interoperable with every major office suite, 2.0 realises the potential of open source."

Link Checker

Check to see if you have broken links on your site.

The International Labor Communications Association

The International Labor Communications Association, founded in 1955, is the professional organization of labor communicators in North America. The ILCA’s several hundred members produce publications with a total circulation in the tens of millions.
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