Labor Unions and the Internet

W3 Schools

Chock full of basic tutorials on how to build web pages.

Use it - Web Site Usability Newsletter

Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D., indispensible, opinionated site about how to make the web easier to use.

Hospitality, Hotels, and Restaurants Organizing Council

HOTROC, the Hospitality, Hotels, and Restaurants Organizing Council, is the name of the campaign to bring dignity and respect to the 16,000 New Orleans area workers who clean the rooms, make the food, and wait the tables in this region's fastest growing industry.

Executive PayWatch

Every year, shareholders and America’ s workers learn of new jaw-dropping executive compensation packages that seemingly defy rational explanation. In 2004, the average CEO of a major company received $9.84 million in total compensation, according to The New York Times.

ComcastWatch is a jointly sponsored project of the Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO, CLC, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Nothing on this website is meant to imply that Comcast supports or endorses this effort.
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